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Here is a brief intro to who I am and what I plan to do here on medium.

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Hey guys! Welcome to my page. For starters, I’m Mina Knows the creator of JTML Associates. It’s a millennial focused platform working to educate others on how to create their ideal life. I started this idea 4 years ago and have been living my motto ever since.

I’m a big…

True happiness is not about what you get, its based of who you become.

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There is a big challenge in life due to the fact that you can have more than you got, but you have to be willing to make the steps to get it. This is what keeps people from attaining ultimate wealth. Life also can be negative, but that is based…

Personal Development Tips

Part 11: Because negotiating really makes a difference

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Negotiating is the key to living well. I never understood it until I got into my career. And yet, I’m still learning the power of just doing it.

It helps you achieve things you didn’t imagine you were able to attain. It…

Personal Development

Part 10: This is how to make real wealth

this is a dollar bill
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If you have been walking with me during this journey to wealth, you’ve established a budget, created an emergency fund, and created a plan on how you’ll be paying off debt. If you’ve missed it, I’ve linked it here:

Once you’ve completed the tasks that were listed prior to this…

Personal Development

Part 9: Don’t allow debt to keep you from living an extravagant life

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The best thing in this world is not feeling like you owe anybody anything. Pay off your debt. Simple put. Especially if it’s less than 1k. I have seen some individuals just keep debt revolving because it’s just $50. That $50 becomes $80 real quick. Especially if…

Personal Development Tips

Part 8:It’s time to secure the bag

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In part 7 of this personal development series, I mentioned that it is recommended to save 20% of your income. I will break down the importance of doing so in this article. Our era is different from that of our parents. We don’t have to work forever, but for some…

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