26 Tips I Wish I Was Told When I Was Younger

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  1. Find something that you like to do and do it.
  2. Life is too short to not do what you want.
  3. You can work your way through it with a little motivation.
  4. Find someone to shadow: Be someone assistant, find a coach or a mentor.
  5. Show what you learnt using social media.
  6. Push yourself to read more on personal development.
  7. Anything you want to learn has to be learnt over the course of time.

8. It will not happen overnight.

9. You can get better by having passion mixed with perseverance.

10. Always, do your research….Google should be your best friend.

11. Understand that not doing something, is a decision.

12. Learn the power of compound interest by investing a small amount of cash into index funds.

13. If you don’t know what compound interest is… google it and then google index funds.

14. If you still don’t understand it search YouTube for someone who can break it down in simpler terms for you to understand.

15. Do this for anything you want to learn and comprehend.

16. Apply what you learnt.

17. If you’re able to start working, make sure you open two bank accounts. One for checking and the other for savings and begin to save for an emergency fund.

18. Start with $500 and then $1000 and so on.

19. You might not have an emergency right now, but it’s better to be prepared than having to randomly collect cash for an emergency by asking other people.

20.Understand that most stuff you will do at this age will be scary but you need to do it anyways.

21. Pay attention to how the people around you use their money. I am not saying to clock them. Just pay attention to their habits. Then ask yourself is this the ideal way you want to be or do you want to be different?

22. Understand, you will not know everything. This is why Google and books are your best friend. Use it wisely. Step 10 and 14 will be key here.

23. Learn when a change is needed and do it like NIKE.

24. Fear stands for= False evidence appearing real. Let that sink in.

25.Don’t let fear hinder you from being great.

26. Go against the grain, learn to listen more and apply it to your life.#jtml8ter

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