Cracking the Youtube code: Here is Ali Abdullah Winning formula

A 3 Step Guide into the Journey of YouTube Success

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Ever wondered how some YouTubers climb to the pinnacle of success while others fumble? Let’s deep dive into Ali Abdullah’s path to cracking the YouTube code.

Ali Abdullah isn’t just any YouTuber. He’s a mentor, guide, and an epitome of continuous learning. While many know him for his expertise in productivity hacks and study techniques to become a doctor, there’s much more to his story.

When I stumbled upon Ali in 2018, it was his teachings that resonated with me. His knack for integrating personal growth with content creation was unparalleled.

From sharing invaluable book recommendations to chronicling his personal growth journey, Ali begin to leverage YouTube not just as a platform for content but as a medium to connect and inspire.

But the real crown jewel? Was his ability to use that to monetize and prosper while sharing insights on what he was truly passioned about.

Ali’s Three-Tiered Approach to YouTube Mastery

Ali became so big that he ended up creating a courses/co-hort called part-time youtube academy. Where he focuses on teaching people how to do what he did part time. This blog will focus on the foundation ( Level 1–3).

Level 1 — Get Going

The hurdle isn’t always about perfecting content but initiating it. Ali believes that most people quit before getting started because of this concept. His suggestion — Start with just three videos.

Don’t worry about the aesthetic, just pick a topic you are either passionate about or can talk about freely and hit record. DO it at least three times. Each time either record a new concepts or go deeper into the same concept but just from a different view.

The choice is yours. This is your starting point. No one cares about perfection in these phase. Just start.

Level 2 — Get Good Enough



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