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I follow a few study groups and forums that constantly ask which one is better to use for the cipp-us (certified information privacy professional) exam.

They have a few options.

If your a DIY type of person, you can just read the resources they give you on the site. You could also follow groups on Facebook and checkout different peers outlines and use it as your study guide or use it as a reference to create your own.

The other option is to pay someone to teach you.

But it’s based on pricing and commitment. A quick search online can show you the average cost for that.

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As you can see, study courses can start at $350 to a few thousands. The other part is most of them are also full of jargon that can make many people not follow through.

This is how my course will be different

I have 8 years of background in information privacy and security, and while I agree…



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