I’m Learning How to Use Substack: Here is How I F*&cked Up Already.

Tips on how to avoid mistakes and do it right the first time.

Mina Knows


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Alright, to be honest, it was my fault completely. Substack has a lot of tutorials and support to share how to get set up with the platform. But you know what I did?!

I didn’t bother to use none of that.

Instead I just started winging it. To be fair, most of these platforms have the same set up. Each trying to be the first in the market and state that there product is the best.

Which is fine, there are so many people in this world so it really doesn’t matter, all that matter is that you find your tribe. And for the most I thought I did, until I tried to do something different.

So What happened?

Substack had this offer to convert your URL to a custom domain for only $50.

Sounds like a deal for me, I mean it could be a lot cheaper esle where but whatever I am here now.

This was my exact thought process. And, honestly its the reason I make a few mistakes early. Any who I made the purchase, having no idea how to do the conversion. But, I do know how to read.

Yet, there is some behind-the-scenes parts that you must do first. So, let’s talk about it.

Why would you want your own custom domain on Substack in the first place?

When creating a newsletter on Substack, opting for a custom domain rather than the default Substack URL can bring several significant advantages.

In context, this is what we are speaking about. How to go from minaknows.substack.com to minaknows.com as a custom URL.

Firstly, a custom domain enhances your brand identity and recognition, making your newsletter appear more professional and memorable. It also contributes to better SEO (Search Engine Optimization), potentially…



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