Is Medium Worth it in 2024? — You Decide

You will never know unless you try

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Medium has become a popular platform for writers aspiring to share their thoughts and, potentially, earn from their work. As we step into 2024, people are looking for more of a balance to life. Which for most involves buying back their time doing something they love. Yet, the question on many aspiring writers’ minds is:

Is Medium still a viable platform for making money online?

Take a look at the different content that gets published. You’ll notice numerous voices claim success through Medium, and while this is very inspiring a-lot fail to mention what it takes to get to that level.

This article aims to inspire you, offering a strategy to get started and creative. My goal is to educate you on the process and give you guidance to implement your own results. Only then can you gauge whether Medium is the right platform for your online writing endeavors or not.

Using Social Media as a Research Tool for Content Creation

A common challenge for writers is maintaining a steady stream of content ideas. We get writing block unintentionally. It just happens, but that’s because we have been looking at life through the wrong lens.

Part 1 of your journey involves a shift in your perspective. You don’t have anything to write about because you’ve created a block. Shift the focus and start paying attention more to what is in front of you and you will realize real quick inspiration is all around us.

Another effective solution lies in leveraging social media platforms like instagram, Pinterest, X, YouTube, Reddit, Quora, and LinkedIn.

Instead of just scrolling wandering between each page, pay attention to whats trending or what top influencers are posting. Look at the comments and participate in the discussion.

This can be a goldmine into the thought process others may have on a particular piece.

By observing trending topics, engaging discussions, and frequently asked questions, you can gather a wealth of ideas to craft original…



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