Stop 🚫 With That Fake Sh$t : A Call for Authenticity

Here is how you crush it in the content jungle

Mina Knows


Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

In today’s digital age, where everyone is a content creator, it’s time to cut through the noise and get f&)King real. The inspiration for this piece comes from a simple but crucial message:

Let’s put an end to the charlatans peddling empty promises and demand content that truly delivers value.

The Spark That Lit the 🔥

What ignited this fire? It’s the countless encounters with online content that left us shaking our heads. Whether you stumble upon it on Medium or scroll through TikTok, there’s nothing more frustrating than investing your time and sometimes your hard-earned cash, only to realize that what you’ve received could’ve been found with a quick Google search.

Here is How You Spot the Fakes😒

How do you spot these pretenders? Look out for these glaring signs:

  1. Lack of Passion:

If the creator lacks that infectious enthusiasm and genuine love for their craft, it’s a dead giveaway. Don’t even keep going. I know AI is everywhere but sheesh, let’s just be real?!

2. The Never-Ending Pitch:



Mina Knows

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