The Three Phases Framework by Shaan Puri

Learn, Earn, Legacy: The Blueprint to Personal Growth

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In the grand theater of life, we often find ourselves questioning our purpose, wondering where we fit into the grand scheme of things. For the young and aspirational 20 something year-olds, the world can seem both vast and intimidating.

But what if you had a blueprint to navigate the maze of life, guiding you from learning to earning and finally to creating a lasting legacy?

Shaan Puri, renowned for his profound insights for making your first million, offers such a blueprint for personal development.

Dubbed the ‘Three Phases Framework’, a concept he speakes about that divides our life’s journey into three critical phases – Learn, Earn, and Legacy.

In this article, I will speak about each one and what happens within each phase. The goal is that you take this information and possibly use it as a compass to reach your definition of success.

The Learning Phase

The Learning Phase is all about exploration and discovery. Think of it as your foundation years, where you absorb knowledge, experiment with different passions, and understand what truly resonates with you.

For most, this phase starts in teenage years and extends into the late twenties. It’s a time of mistakes, failures, but most importantly, invaluable lessons.

Your focus in this era should be towards a dive deep into interesting subjects, traveling, meeting diverse groups of people, and allowing yourself to grow. That is the main purpose for this phase.

From a career aspect, Shann mentions that if you want to get ahead you need to put yourself in a position to learn. There are a few ways to do it but according to him, it’s by either working for yourself or joining an establish company. There is no wrong answer, but there is an underling pressure that happens if you don’t choose wisely.



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